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Customer Reviews

Theresa Dixon


The product was just as described in picture but took way longer to be delivered than 7-12 business days. I had to contact your company more than once for delivery info and when I cancelled the order it finally came. 

Kari Woodruff


Giving to my son before he leaves for the military.  It is everything I expected and looks great.. loved it so much I bought one with a different sentiment for my husband. 

Marty Huntand looked just like th3 image. O 8 was no5


Really love the card and the sentiments.  Did not at all like the fact that it took sooo long to get it. It took about 2 months to get. iIt arrived as expected. No I was not properly notified. Would not order another o e because of these issues. Would just come up with a different idea for a gift.

Safiya Edwards


I liked the one for my SO and for my son - the one for my daughter seemed to be of lower quantity - I was not comfortable giving it to her. Can you send me a better one

Lisa Duran


I never received it 😓



The wallet insert was not as I expected.  It is paper thin and when it arrived the packaging did not protect it and it was all bent.  I am unable to give it to my daughter.